We all fall down sometimes, but it's important to get back on that steel horse.

It's getting cold out there and tires will be slick. Keep that in mind on your next ride, and all future rides.

We're getting serious!

Timing equipment and regulation-size cones have been purchased. Next summer, we will be participating in some worldwide remote competitions!


What is Moto Gymkhana?

A technical skills competition for every rider on every bike. Like a motorcycle rider training school on steroids, competitors race through a tight course made up of traffic cones in a time trial event.

The sport is very beginner-friendly, having a very low cost-of-entry. Any street bike, with little or no modifications, can be a strong competitor. The whole course can usually be completed in first or second gear, so the occasional fall has much less potential for damage.

Don't let the low speeds fool you. This sport combines precision control of throttle, steering, braking, and balance, into a fun and challenging package. The skills developed in Moto Gymkhana are some of the toughest to master, and the reward is technique that you will use everyday on the public road.

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